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Founded in 1986 by Mike Ćorić, an immigrant from Croatia, then a communist country. He came to America and found freedom and opportunity.

A lot has changed in the printing industry since our founding. With the dawn of computers the demand for paper has drastically fallen. Most of the print shops that are still around outsource projects to massive warehouses in other parts of the country. We’re grateful to have a loyal community that has allowed us to not just survive, but grow. We’re one of the last full-service, in-house print shops in Saint Louis.

Max Ćorić has assumed the honor of running the day-to-day operations from his father. He looks forward to the day when he can pass the business along to the 3rd Generation, his kids.

Meet Our Team

Mike Ćorić

Founder | Prva Generacija

Max Ćorić

Executive | Druga Generacija

Katherine Pinner

Operations | Druga Generacija

Chris Guzdial

Creative Director | Čarobnjak

Pete Rolands

Project Director | Izvršitelj

Robert Pecher

Business Development | Bliže
Completed Projects
Happy Family

Principles Of Our Work


At the foundation of every good print is creativity. Whether you have a draft that needs some sizzle or a blank slate, our team will inject amazing into your print.


We serve national brands that ship overseas and walk-ins that have one shirt embroidered. Wherever you’re at, our in-house production means the best pricing and turn-around times.


We’ve completely redesigned our shop and retooled our workflow to better serve Saint Louis’ printing needs. You’ll find the same seamless process whether you walk-in or place an order online.


We try our best to get it perfect the first time, but will happily reprint any order if it doesn’t come out as promised. Attention to detail and clear communication assure Quality. It’s in our name.

Latest From Our Shop

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